Custom software specifically developed for your business can make drastic improvements in many areas. Custom software can improve efficiency by identifying areas where productivity can be increased as well as streamlining day-to-day operations, standardize business practices, automate tedious tasks plus much more...

Mainly due to the fact that current custom or out-of-the-box software forces companies to use those specific “boxed” processes, many businesses operate based on limitations and structure of the business software they use. Unfortunately, many business owners don't even realize it can be fixed – they simply survive with inefficiency and believe that's the way it is. We can fix that!



ASC is a custom software development company specializing in design and development of software solutions, including mobile applications, for distinct businesses in need of business functions that do not fit in to commercially available "boxed" software.

Our computer software design and development teams are structured to ensure successful delivery. Each position – from business analysts to project managers as well as system architects, software & UI developers, quality assurance, software support and systems integrators – has a specific role in the successful implementation of your system.

When we design business software, our focus is business-centric – we start with analysis of your goals and discuss ways to improve your business operations. The technical details and specifications are laid out after we fully understand your business objectives. This insures that your goals are at the forefront of the entire project.



  • Tailor-made for Your Business
  • Scalability
  • Security of Your Data
  • Integrate With Other Software Your Business uses
  • Maintenance – as Long as You Require
  • Savings on Licensing Fees


The pricing model of developer cost per hour is a terrible way to look at a custom software development projects. Value of Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building is not the price of steel and labor hours that went into building it, right? It’s easy to run straight into this trap because cost of developer per hour, just like the price of steel, can be measured easily. If custom software development were merely a function of developer time, then hiring a group of the cheapest off-shore coders would get the job done, right? – Wrong! You're paying for business specialists who can implement or invent technology that does what you asked for - make your business more robust, efficient, flexible and, of course, more profitable.

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