Outsourcing the CTO duties is a popular and affordable alternative for businesses that need expert IT strategists without the expense of another high level executive.

Our job is to comprehend what your organization needs are and to achieve your goals by working together on building the appropriate personnel and technology infrastructure. We provide efficient and cost-effective CTO service by streamlining the work process and avoiding intra-office politics.



We begin the process with an initial review of onsite infrastructure followed by strategic planning and budgeting. During this review, the existing infrastructure undergoes massive analysis, creation of technology plans and outlining budgets for the coming year. Upon completion of the review, clients are provided with a comprehensive plan for the coming year, which consists of equipment inventory, hardware and software configurations, network maps, administrative passwords, licensing information with expiration/renewal dates.

Then the CTO goes to work... Using time-tested practices, CTO will advise and instruct businesses on proper procedures, disaster preparedness and protocols to improve their operating efficiency and reliability.



  • Set Goals & Budgets
  • Strategic IT Planning & Roadmaps
  • Establish Policies
  • Standardization
  • Peace of Mind


Every organization is different and no business is the same. ASC offers comprehensive CTO services which are tailored to each company individually. We align ourselves with our clients’ operations and core philosophy in order to provide customized solutions.

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