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7 Ways to Keep Your Mobile Devices Safe and Secure

Technology has surely done wonders by revolutionizing the ways we used to see the world. If you are carrying a smartphone in your pocket, which is highly likely, then it is safe to say that you are carrying the world with you.

As the name suggests, smartphones are really SMART as they do much more than their predecessors. In addition to let you stay in touch with your loved ones, colleagues and friends through calls, text messages or emails, smartphones allows you to perform pretty much any task (and more!) that you would from a desktop computer. This means that there could be many things on your phone that you don’t want others to see, such as: personal photos and videos, private information, sensitive data, work email, etc. While carrying all this with you everywhere and being able to access anything at anytime is definitely helpful, it is equally risky as well.

With the advancements and more and more features and apps being introduced with each passing day, technology is increasingly becoming vulnerable in addition to becoming smart. Now, mobile security breaches aren’t something unexpected or impossible. Also, since mobile devices are small and easy to carry, they are more susceptible to physical loss, theft and damage than old devices.

However, threats of security breaches and increased chances of data theft does not mean one should give up on these mini computers that allow you to stay connected to the world at all times. All you need to do is to be a little more careful in handling your smartphones and tablets (to prevent physical damage and loss) and to take the following measure to eliminate (or at least reduce) the chances of losing your personal data:

  • Set an Auto Lock - This is important because there are chances that you may forget to lock your mobile device when you are in a rush. So, to eliminate any chances of leaving your phone or tablet unlocked, use the auto lock feature.

  • Use Strong Passwords - Rather than using only one password at the home screen of your mobile devices, set up a password to access each and every important folder. These include text messages, pictures, or apps where you store sensitive information. (Search for “app lock” in your mobile app store and download the app you are most comfortable with).

  • Install Antivirus Software - By installing a reliable mobile antivirus program, you can protect your devices from hackers on the prowl.

  • Keep Devices Updated - Always keep the operating system of your mobile device up-to-date. Companies launch updates every now and then for a reason. Newer versions not only provide you with newer features, but also come with advanced security features to protect against malware.

  • Unsecured WiFi Connections are Not Safe - Think twice before connecting to unsecured Wi-Fi connections in public areas because it makes your phone susceptible to security threats. A large number of people use free Wi-Fi connections at any given time and you don’t know what they are up to. There could be a person trying to access someone’s device on the same network. (Yes! This is possible...)

  • Turn Off Bluetooth in Public Places - Try to turn your Bluetooth off whenever you leave home. If your mobile device is Bluetooth-discoverable, anyone sitting nearby can catch the signals and connect to your phone or tablet. Mistakenly, while multi-tasking (or while your kids are playing with your phone in a restaurant… yep, we all do it!), you may accidently (or not…) accept incoming Bluetooth connections and by the time you get to know about it, you may have lost some important information to a stranger.

  • Use Apps to Find and Control your Devices Remotely - There are many apps that allow you to find lost devices as well as disable or lock your device and can even wipe all the data on it by accessing it remotely. Make sure you have such an app on your mobile device in case it gets lost or stolen. (Search for “find my phone”, “device manager” or similar in your mobile app store and download the app you are most comfortable with).
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