IT Room Cleanup / Relocation

Planning to move your office can be an overwhelming process and you need someone reliable to carefully relocate your IT infrastructure at an affordable cost, someone that can do it as soon as possible, after hours or over the weekend, and with a guarantee that your infrastructure will be protected at every step. At ASC, we specialize in relocating companies’ infrastructures with minimal-to-none downtime and no loss of data.

Our team of dedicated, capable IT professionals understands the many complicated issues to be dealt with during relocation of Servers, Data Centers, Server Racks and other IT Equipment. All members of our team are IT personnel including packers and drivers. Your IT equipment is handled with proper and expected standards.

Expectations :

Whether you are a small business moving servers across the street, or a large company moving IT equipment across the country – ASC has the right solutions, technical expertise, specialized equipment, and willingness to exceed your expectations at every step.

  • "White Glove" Services & Solutions

  • Dedicated experienced Project Manager assigned to you

  • De-rack & re-rack equipment by professional technicians

  • Purchasing all racks, cables, etc. required for your new server room

  • Contacting your internet service provider, ensuring appropriate bandwidth for your business needs

  • Moving after hours or on the weekends

  • Secure private custom moving and transport


Since we’re dealing with expensive and very valuable IT equipment, the cost will vary on any relocation taking many factors into consideration. Such factors are: scope, time, insurance requirements, logistics involved, etc...

Give us a call and let’s connect face-to-face to discuss your needs.

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Manage IT Services

Whether you are opening a new business, upsizing an existing office or simply migrating to newer operating system, we are here to provide with complete assortment of expertise required to design and construct sophisticated, based on the newest standards, Infrastructure.

Our Managed IT Plans are designed to provide clients service and protection 24/7 at reasonable rates. For a flat monthly fee, we will improve your IT infrastructure, increasing productivity of your company while avoiding major IT problems that will stall your business. Let us give you the peace of mind you deserve...

Data Backup & Business Continuity

Data recovery is far from being a new idea. In recent years, data has become a crucially important corporate asset indispensable for business continuity. The ability to recover crucial data quickly after a short or long-term disaster is a fundamental requirement of economic viability.

At ASC we specialize in Business IT Recovery. Our primary goal is to help our clients protect data, maintain data availability, and keep the lines of communication open during and immediately after a disaster. Being experts in this field, we are qualified to identify your business needs and propose complete High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions.

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